Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Activities

Today we read the story “An Egg is Quiet” and it told us about the different types of eggs (size, shape, colour, texture, fossilized) and we made textured eggs of different shapes and sizes.  Next week we will be making different coloured eggs.  To do this I will need everyone to send at least 2 hard-boiled eggs to school on Monday, March 25.
On Wednesday, March 27, Kevin MacKenzie will be in our school.  He is a professional storyteller from Regina.  He will be going to each classroom and doing workshops with each class around storytelling.
Please return report cards before or at Parent Teacher Interviews.
See you all next week,
Ms Schultz

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Report Cards

Parents, if you still have your child's report card, please return it to school on Tuesday so that I can fill it out for Term 2.
Thank you!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dinosaurs: What we think we know and what we want to know

Today we began discussing what we know about dinosaurs.  I even learned about some different dinosaur cartoons that the children watch.
Here are the ideas and questions the class came up with during our discussion: (I typed while they talked and they were very impressed with how many words they came up with because they were watching on the SMART board as I typed their words.)

T Rex – walks on 2 legs, meat eater, sharp teeth
Pterodactyl – fly, we want to know if they eat fish
Triceratops – 3 horns, plant eater, does it have spikes on it’s back?  What is that curved thing around it’s head called?
What is the dinosaur called with plates on it’s back?
What is the dinosaur called that has spikes on it’s back?
Stegosaurus – what does it look like?
What are the other dinosaurs?
Brachiosaurus – it has a long long neck, plant eater
Is a Myosaurous real?
The dinosaurs died.  How did they die? Did they get zapped by aliens or did a meteor hit the dinosaurs? Or was it a flood? Was it a volcano that erupted?  What is a meteor?
How do we know dinosaurs were real?  What is in the dinosaur museum?  Skeletons of dinosaurs?  What are those skeletons called?  Fossils.  What are fossils?  What do fossils look like?  What are fosslis made from? Bones.  Are they only bones?  How do they turn into fossils?
People dig all over the world to find them and take them to museums.  What are these people called?  Scientist (parenteologists)
They lived a long, long time ago.