Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Videos and Pictures...

I have been collecting many pictures of the children learning.  I will hopefully have some pictures and videos posted during the Christmas holidays, so please keep cheking back.


November has zoomed right by us!
We have now learned the letters C D A G Q O and S.  Practicing naming these letters and saying their sounds will help everyone to remember what they are.  We are also working on sounding out words using the letters we know already such as SAD, DAD, ADD, and DOG.  Can you think of any others?

We have been practicing our numbers up to 5 by printing the number, matching the numeral to the correct number of objects and by finding numbers in our environment.  We have also been working on showing numbers in more than one way (you can make 4 with 2 and 2).  We are now working on capacity (how much something can hold).

We have been learning about bears and why they hibernate.  We have also been learning about the different seasons and working on identifying the different things we associate with each season.

We started visiting the library with Mrs. Rayne.  She is reading the different Willow books to us.  After we have read all of the books, we will get to vote on our favourite one.  You can view the different books by following the link under Reading Activities.

We will be tearing down the bear cave and opening our bakery for the Christmas season.  We have been practicing our Christmas Concert song and dance every day as well.  Lots of exciting things are happening everyday!