Friday, September 30, 2011

Ms Schultz's October Book Order Picks

Apple Trouble - 1.99  We read this story in class and the children had a great time trying to predict how the hedgehog would get all the stuff out of her quills.

Shapes and Patterns Pack - 5.99 I will be getting these for the class.  They fit right in with what we are learning in Math.

I Spy Spooky Pack - 5.99 These I Spy books are great for getting children interesting in looking at books and encouraging them to pay close attention to what is in the pictures.  This will help develop skills needed when learning to read.

National Geographic Kids Collection - 29.99 National Geographic books have fantastic photographs in their books and are great for the children that love to read non-fiction.

A Busy Week in Kindergarten!

On Monday, we made apple crisp after reading the story "Tangerine and Kiwi Visit the Apple Orchard."  We followed the recipe in the book and a copy was sent home.  It was delicious.

On Wednesday, we did the Terry Fox Run in the afternoon.  Some of the star buddies in Grade 7 had a hard time keeping up with all the energy in Kindergarten :)  I will post some pictures soon of this event.

Today, we read a story "Applesauce" and made applesauce in class with cinnamon just like in the book.  Everyone gets an Applesauce book to take home to keep.  Everyone tasted the applesauce and most tried it with cinnamon in it.

We have now learned 3 letters: c, d, and a.  The stories that are sent home are for you to keep and read at home with your child.  Try finding things around your house that begin with those letter sounds.

We are finishing up our work with sorting and patterns.  We are making patterns with 2 or 3 different repeating parts.

Our class fish Goldie and Peach are doing just swimmingly and the children enjoy watching them when they have free time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upcoming Events

This week we will be having our first set of Show and Tell.  Tuesday will be: Ryame, Kara-Lynn, Ethan, and Hannah and Thursday will be: Leeyana, Aaralyn, Leland, and Alyssa.
Ms Schultz is away at a meeting on Tuesday and Mrs. James will be the sub.

Thursday is Hot Lunch and library book exchange.  Remember to send library books back on Day 3s for exchange day.

We have been working on learning to sort using different rules to sort objects (colour, shape, size, object, etc.)  What can you sort at home?  We will begin working on creating patterns with different objects this week.  Can you find any patterns in your house?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2nd Day!

Wow, our second day flew right by! 

If you have heard your child talking about applesause, we will be making some as a class later this month.  Right now, we have different types of apples in the classroom and will be working on sorting them and making patterns with them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Challenge 1

The first day of school is over.  We all had a great time!  Ask your child about their day, and post a comment on the blog or write a comment in your child's agend about what their favourite thing about the first day of Kindergarten.

To post a comment on the blog:
Click on the word comments at the bottom of the post and a box should appear where you can type in your answer.  Make sure you leave your child's first name so that I know who responds.  Your comment will not appear on the blog immediatley because I have to moderate all comments before they are published.

Ms. Schultz's Book Order Picks for September

These are the books I love:
Elf:         The Biggest Apple Ever (1.99): we are learning about apples
              The Kissing Hand (2.99): a great story about the first day of school
SeeSaw: I Spy an Apple (1.99): seach and find books are a great way to get children interested in looking at books.
              The Very Hungry Caterpillar (5.99): one of my favourite stories by Eric Carle
Read Every Day Lead a Better Life:
              Tom Thumb (9.99): fairy tales illustrated by Eric Carle
              Terry Fox A Story of Hope (5.99): a great book I use to explain why we participate in the Terry Fox Run in September.