Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Challenge 15

For Parents and Children
There are three new videos.  Each are made with a different program.  Dinosaurs is made with Animato, An Egg is Quiet is made with Smilebox and Sensory Bins was made with Photostory.  Post a comment telling me which program/video you like the best and why.

Numbers in Sensory Bins

Monday, May 30, 2011

An Egg is Quiet

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Blog Challenge 14

For the Parents:
What have you liked or found useful about the blog?
What would you like to see on the blog? or How could I improve the blog?

May Newsletter

May 31, 2011

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It is hard to believe that our year is almost over! Including today, we have 7 days left of Kindergarten! They are sure to be busy ones too. The bike rodeo is still scheduled to go on June 2 in the afternoon. Please make sure you have completed the bike safety inspection with your child and return it to school on Thursday. Thank you to the parents who are able to volunteer! Our field trip is still scheduled for June 10th. I will send home any information regarding changes as soon as we know of them. More information will also be sent out about Awards Day which is when we will be having the Kindergarten Grad.
Over the next few days, we will continue with Home Reading. Thank you to everyone that has given me feedback about this program. I really appreciate it. Please let me know if you feel your child would benefit from some more challenging stories. I now have some made (thanks to our wonderful Educational Assistants when there was no school).
For the last few days, we will be working on extending our knowledge of letters to word recognition and our knowledge of numbers and working with numbers up to 20. We will also be taking some time to learn about the underwater creatures that were suggested in the comments on the Blog.
There will be one more book order set home today. It will be due on Monday, June 6. Thank you for your support with the book orders. I was able to purchase different things for our classroom through the benefits from the book orders which include: a rain stick, model magic clay (used to make fossils), ice cream cones for the ice cream shop, just to name a few.
The last Blog Challenge draw will be made on Thursday, June 2. Thank you for your participation. I hope you have found the blog useful. I welcome any feedback you have for things you like or improvements. I will try to get a few more pictures up before the end of the year. I am also hoping to have a CD for everyone with their child’s pictures and videos from the year as a keepsake. They will be sent home with the final report cards.

Ms Schultz

Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Trip!

This is some information about the IMAX movie we will be seeing:

This is the workshop the Kindergarten class will participate in:

These are the exhibits at the Science Centre:

New LInks!

I have posted new links under Activities.
Fact Hound is a web search engine that is safe for children.  Capstone Kids has a variety of games covering topics: alphabet, science, math, and health, etc..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Challenge 13

Many new changes turned up in our classroom on Monday.  Ask your child what new thing(s) they liked best?
We have 2 pet goldfish now.  They do not have names.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  I would like to give these fish away at the end of Kindergarten in June (provided they are still swimming, as I am no fish expert).  I was thinking of doing a draw for anyone that is interested.  If you would like a chance to have a goldfish, and have something to keep it in, please let me know so I can find homes for our fishy friends.

Answer any or all of these questions to complete the blog challenge.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's New in Our Classroom?

I told the class on Tuesday that there would be a surprise for them.  We are learning about Under Water, so what coud it be?  The Pizza Place has been packed up, and there is now an Ice Cream Shop.  I have the water table out too.  We have 2 more letters to cover before the end on the year, X and Z.  We will be wrapping up the year working with numbers up to 10 and farther if we are ready for it.  I will be sending home "Home Reading" books for the last 2 months of school.  With these books, you can take an opportunity to read to your child, have them read to you, practice holding a book, turning pages, looking at pictures and talking about what is happening, etc.  I will send a new book home each day with a log for you to record each book.
Important Dates to Remember:
 - School on Monday May 16, not on Tuesday May 17 (Kindergarten Orientation)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May News

Our Blog winner for the April challenges is Breanna!
Book orders are due Wednesday, May 11.
There will be no school, as was stated in the note sent home from the school division, on Thursday, May 5.
There will be no show and tell days this month.  We will have one more set of show and tell days in June.
Monday, May 9, we will be having a Farm Safety presentation.

In June, we will be having a bike rodeo.  All children are encouraged to participate and must wear helmets.  More information will be sent home closer to the day.  We will also be going on a field trip to Regina, to the Science Centre and Imax theater with the Grade 1/2 class.  At the Science Centre, we will see an Imax film, participate in a workshop about dinosaurs, and explore all the amazing things that are there.  More information will be coming home soon for this as well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Challenge 12

Our next Big Idea in Kindergarten will be Under Water.  Ask your child: What is something you want to learn about? and post a comment.