Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Challenge 11

For Easter, one of the stories we read was An Egg is Quiet.  In this story we saw pictures of many different eggs.  We learned new vocabulary words: camouflage, texture, and fragile.  See if your child remembers what these words mean and post a comment.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Panda Kindgarten

Yesterday we learned about Giant Pandas and how they are being protected because there are only 1600 left in the world.  We learned that taking care of animals also another way we can take care of our earth.
Here are some sites we visited:

The story we read, Panda Kindergarten, has information and pictures from the last website I listed.  The class had a great time comparing the panda's kindergarten to their own.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Challenge 10

Ask your child to name 3 ways we can take care of our teeth.  Post their answers as a comment.
Remember, you can go back and complete the older challenges for this month.

Dental Health

This week we have been learning about caring for our teeth.  We had a visit on Monday from the Dental Health Nurse.  Today we watched a video: The Legend of the Tooth Kingdom.  Everyone also got another new toothbrush and a small tube of fluoride toothpaste.  After snack today we practiced what we have been learning and brushed our teeth.  The children went to the sink in pairs and they took turns reminding each other to brush their tongues and tickle their gums.  The class is going to keep these new tooth brushes and toothpaste at school so they can brush their teeth after snack each day.

Activities are being sent home today as well.  There are pictures of the video that we cut apart and you can have your child retell what they saw in the video by sequencing these cards.  There is also a chart you can use to keep track of when you brush your teeth.

For more information about dental health and activities to do at home, check out the following website:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Challenge 9

We are focusing on Numbers in Math right now.  One of our songs that we sing is called Numbes All Around.  Your challenge is to help your child find as many different places or things in your home that have numbers on them and post a comment.

April News

Madeline was the winner for the March challenges.  She won a gift certificate for a free book from our book orders.  Book orders will be sent home tomorrow.  They will be due on Monday, April 11.

I think spring is finally here!  Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes at school, just in case those mud puddles decide to jump on any of our heads ;)

We will be decorating Easter Eggs on Friday, April 15.  Please send 2 hard boiled eggs with your child to school that day.