Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Carnival

Making Numbers with Pumpkin Seeds

We carved a pumpkin and washed the seeds to use in a Math activity. We used a five frame to show numbers up to 5 with pumpkin seeds.

November Activities

We have moved on the the Big Idea of Homes. We will be learning about many different types of homes, animals, people, etc. We are also integrating 3D shapes into this idea, so we will be doing a variety of construction activities with the different shapes. The children all are very excited about the new ideas and play areas in the classroom. They have even had some input into what should go in each area.

Thank you for sending all the boxes and containers in. I think we have enough for our constructions, but cereal boxes can still be sent in. Also any containers in the shapes of cubes, cones, or pyramids would be useful as those are more difficult to find.