Sunday, May 30, 2010

Field Trip

Our Field Trip started with an hour of bowling, followed by a trip to the circus. After the circus we ate lunch at McDonald's and went to the Knights of Columbus park to play on the playground. We all had a great time!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Please get your forms and money handed in for our field trip.

There is no school for Kindergarten on Tuesday, May 18. It is Kindergarten Orientation. For those of you with a child entering Kindergarten, I will see you then :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The last topic we were learning about in Math was Shapes. Do you remember sending all those boxes and containers to school??

Well, one of the uses of the containers was to hold our Dinosaur dioramas. Then, we took as many as possible and made towers with them.

The class was divided into partners. They were given a roll of masking tape and a challenge: who can build the highest tower?

The groups were left to do some problem solving: how to get the tape off the roll, how to get the tape to stick without getting all bunched up, how to get the towers to stand, how to get the towers taller after they were taller than they were, etc.

With very little help from myself, they figured out all the answers themselves. Scissors were used for the tape, one person held it while the other person cut it. Tape was stuck to the boxes before cutting it. One person held the boxes while the other person put the tape on.

The solutions for making the towers taller were very creative. One group thought of a chair, so I modified the challenge to exclude chairs for safety reasons. Another group thought of lifting their partners, that didn't work so well. The successful solutions included making two towers and putting them together, getting bigger boxes and sliding them under, and asking for help.

After the towers were completed, the children created representations of their towers using pre-cut shapes. They all did an awesome job of matching the shapes they saw in the boxes and having the same number of shapes as they did boxes.

St. Patrick's Day

I finally downloaded the pictures and videos from my camera. So, here is what we have been doing since March.

On St. Patrick's day, a sneaky leprechaun came into out classroom and moved things around. many thought it was me, but it wasn't :)